Mark me, please

Just popping in to share this with y’all! Daddy made this of some of our fave impact play shots, so I wanted to share.


Hi, and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m lg and this is my BDSM, kink, D/s, DD, DDlg and kink blog.

I’m a female submissive in a 24/7 relationship with my Domme/gf/daddy.

My daddy will also blog here when she wants and has time. We wanted a blog that reflected US. It’s super hard to find f/f 24/7 D/s blogs. (If you have faves, please let me know in the comments!)

Since this is the intro post, I figured I’d share a bit about myself (super brief, promise).



-submissive aka “daddy’s little sub” cause I can be smol!

-mainly LDR but also bimonthly in person visits with daddy

-monogamous af but! daddy’s poly and has a wife whom I fucking ADORE.

-been with daddy since late December 2016

-full-time novelist so I work from home which provides a lot of play time during the day for which I’m super grateful

-fave kinky things: bruises from daddy, spanking (her belt especially!), canes, wax play, BDSMcommunity Reddit, aspects of Domestic Discipline and butt plugs

I’m sure daddy will introduce herself in an upcoming post, so watch for that.

What’ll you find on this blog?

Well, posts about my experience as a 24/7 sub to my Domme. We call each other “DsGFs” because that’s exactly who we are–Domme/sub girlfriends.

We’re also daddy and babygirl without ageplay. (Aside from my little tendencies sometimes!) We’re D/s. She’s HoH. I’m hers. She’s mine.

Daddy’s been 24/7 D/s with her wife (whom I gave the tongue in cheek nickname of “the boss”) for over a decade. The boss is more the slave-type sub and I’m the little sub with occasional (!) brat tendencies.

I’ll share punishments, funishments, rewards, rules, and anything else kink-related that sparks my interest.

I hope to post back and forth convos of different scenarios viewed through the eyes of the sub (hello!) and the Domme (hi, daddy!)

I’m going to share our kink gone wrong stories. Anyone ever made the mistake of inserting ice cubes into their pussy? *shudders*

And I’ll share our triumphs. I used to fear daddy’s cane. Now? My fave implement after her belt.

What you WON’T find on this blog:

-“if you do kink this way? You’re WRONG!” posts. My motto? (And daddy’s too.) You do you. Keep it consensual and I’m not gonna judge what works for you and your partner. Your relationship is just that–yours.

-p0rn (though I’ll likely ask daddy’s permission to post some of our kinky pics.)

-anti-LGBT rhetoric

-anti-polyamorous posts

That’s it for tonight. Thanks so much for checking us out and look for more content very soon! We’re excited to be here! ☺️

Xx, lg