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Just popping in to share this with y’all! Daddy made this of some of our fave impact play shots, so I wanted to share.

Many elements of kink and making them all work

I’m a frequent visitor of BDSMcommunity on Reddit. There are posters from all kinds of D/s, M/s, DD, etc backgrounds. One of my fave posters is a 50s era wife and sub to her hubby. One of the mods is a full time slave. And others are bottoms during play. I love hearing all of their feedback and input on various situations because their collective backgrounds and experiences often yield a well-rounded response.

It made me think about what “type” of sub am I?

Well, I started as a bedroom only submissive with a few overarching every day rules. Over the course of a year, my daddy and I realized how truly DDlg we are and embraced elements of a daddy Domme and babygirl relationship. Over six months ago, I found ddjennifer and went 👀. And 😍. And 🤔. Sometimes all at once! I tore through her blog and shared some of the eye opening posts with daddy. In turn, daddy shared them with the boss (daddy’s wife) and they realized they’ve been D/s with many strong domestic discipline elements for years and years.

I searched for more DD blogs and sites. And took elements that might work or fit back to daddy. She did reading on her own too. And we talked a LOT. We still do now, of course.

But I realized, if I HAD to define myself? I’m a little sub in a 24/7 D/s relationship with strong, strong elements of DD and many of DDlg.

DDlg and DD just…speak to me! As does D/s, obviously, but fuck those first two are “yes!” The amazing thing about having Reddit and blogs and even Tumblr is that I’m finding people just like me. That’s a very comforting and exciting thing to have. 😌 And while I don’t think putting a label on yourself or your relationship is by any means necessary, it sure does give me a great starting point when I want to search for other people who are on a journey like mine.

Safe words and dub con

I’m reading a piece from Kinky Sprinkles–one of my fave queer BDSM sites.

The post is about being pro-no safewords in *certain* situations. I happen to really agree with having one or some clearly defined situations where safewords are off the table.

Specifically, before my Domme and I had met IRL to play, I’d asked her if we could take safewords off the table during punishments. Her first response was leaning toward a firm no. We spent a couple of months talking about it and I wrote journal entries to her making my case. She took it all into consideration and came back to me with a yes, but said “even if you safeword during a punishment? I’m going to stop.”

That’s one of the things I love about her and why I’m comfortable enough to play in certain situations with her without a safety net. We’ve played together in person enough now that she knows my body and what I can take. I have yet to safeword during a punishment, but the removal of safewords for that brief period is a HUGE mindfuck for me. Even though she would stop if I safeworded during a punishment, my brain is all focused on the fact that they are technically off the table.

If I’m being a brat or gonna skip a daily chore or break a rule, there’s no “…well, I’m gonna get punished but! But! But! If it’s too terrible and painful, I’ll just safeword and it will be over” mindset. Even though I take safewording beyond seriously, it’s still a very good thing for me to know I’m going to have to take all punishment I earn.

The Kinky Sprinkles post goes on to talk about the necessity of safewords during non-consensual play or dub con. Dub con is something that daddy and I are both extremely into and want to try. I’ll talk in another post about how we’re easing into it and what we want to experiment with but in dub con scenarios? Safewords are beyond important. For both partners to have and to know they are there.

Happy Sunday! Xx

“Leashed” in public

So, the title is a BIT untrue, but 😉. When daddy was here, we decided to take a walk and play Pokémon Go. She had a battery pack in her hoodie pocket and when my phone got low on juice, we plugged it in with the battery still in her pocket.

That silly little phone cord? Bam! Became a perfectly vanilla leash. I had to stay close to her or the cord would become too taut and I told her, “I know I’m playing Pokémon and we’re just walking and chatting, but my sub mind is VERY engaged. I’m paying a lot of attention to following you and keeping the cord slack.”

Obvi, we’re both superrr not fans of exposing kink to anyone without their explicit consent, but this was a sweet and fun way for us to keep our Domme/sub and daddy/babygirl connection alive while we caught mons. ☺️

Punishments, play and pain tolerance

Ahh, I just spent Wednesday night through today (Sunday) with daddy. She lives in the Midwest and I’m in the Deep South, but this time, she drove here instead of me hopping on a bus.

We had an amazing and perfect time–it was the balance of everything we love: D/s, DD, DDlg and straight up US.

The big “whew” for me? Taking care punishments I’d earned over the past couple months.

I had 40 with her belt, 10 with our cane and 20 with daddy’s hand. Most of my offenses were attitude or being bratty. I don’t forget my daily chores anymore, so no punishments for that during this past visit.

Daddy also added a few hairbrush spanks and leather paddle spanks. I’m used to our paddle now, but it was my first time with a wooden hairbrush. I was shocked at how MUCH it hurt! I was yelping “ouch!” or “daddyyyy” after a few smacks. I’m a big fan of thud and that hairbrush delivered some thud with a lotta sting!

Speaking of sting, Daddy’s belt has holes with metal rivets and those suckers BITE. But I didn’t have any broken skin from our previous caning and belting, so I wasn’t too bad off.

Thankfully, daddy spaced out my punishment sessions with the belt and cane. Last night, daddy told me to take off my pants and panties and she bent me over the end of the bed so we could play with the cane. It’s one of my favorite implements. It hurts a lot and even more so when I’m bent over and my skin is stretched as opposed to lying flat in the middle of the bed.

So, I was bent over and daddy landed 3-4 strikes on my ass and I was struggling. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was our first time playing with the cane where I was bent over and not lying down. I’d also made it through all of my punishments in the couple of days prior so my butt was pretty tender. I asked her to slow down, please, and give me a little more time between cane strikes. She did and it helped a bit, but not much. I breathed through a few more strikes before I started babbling and saying how much it hurt and she asked me if I was safewording. I hesitated and say “no, no, I’m not” and I think she landed one more before I said “yellow.”

She dropped the cane and told me to stand. Daddy opened her arms to me and I burst into tears. Not from the pain, although it was definitely intense. But from being utterly disappointed in myself. I’ve never “yellowed” during play before. But in that moment? I was just unable to take more and we both realized it was time to stop. The pause in play turned into an unspoken “red” for us both.

Two other factors were at play that night: I recently started birth control again and was having terrible PMS. Sore as fuck nipples and bloating and what I now realize turned out to be a lower pain tolerance than I usually have. The other factor: my stomach felt super gross from a few earlier sips of Mike’s Hard Lemonade that didn’t agree with me for some reason.

As I calmed down and clung to daddy, I said, “I don’t get it! You’ve beaten me black and blue from the fronts of my thighs to the backs of them to my ass before. We weren’t even close to that this time and I couldn’t take more!”

And you know what she did next? Eased me down on my stomach on the bed and rubbed my back while she snuggled me. She reminded me that pain tolerances can change all the time depending on the situation. She assured me that she was NOT at all disappointed at me for “yellowing” and told me how well I’d done. We got dressed in cozy PJs and went back out to the couch to watch some late-night Olympics. I started having some anxiety about my earlier what I perceived to be lack of performance. I asked her if she was truly, honestly good with me. She linked my pinky to hers and in the most perfect daddy Domme way EVER, assured me that she was perfect and so was I. 💕❤️💓

Hi, and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m lg and this is my BDSM, kink, D/s, DD, DDlg and kink blog.

I’m a female submissive in a 24/7 relationship with my Domme/gf/daddy.

My daddy will also blog here when she wants and has time. We wanted a blog that reflected US. It’s super hard to find f/f 24/7 D/s blogs. (If you have faves, please let me know in the comments!)

Since this is the intro post, I figured I’d share a bit about myself (super brief, promise).



-submissive aka “daddy’s little sub” cause I can be smol!

-mainly LDR but also bimonthly in person visits with daddy

-monogamous af but! daddy’s poly and has a wife whom I fucking ADORE.

-been with daddy since late December 2016

-full-time novelist so I work from home which provides a lot of play time during the day for which I’m super grateful

-fave kinky things: bruises from daddy, spanking (her belt especially!), canes, wax play, BDSMcommunity Reddit, aspects of Domestic Discipline and butt plugs

I’m sure daddy will introduce herself in an upcoming post, so watch for that.

What’ll you find on this blog?

Well, posts about my experience as a 24/7 sub to my Domme. We call each other “DsGFs” because that’s exactly who we are–Domme/sub girlfriends.

We’re also daddy and babygirl without ageplay. (Aside from my little tendencies sometimes!) We’re D/s. She’s HoH. I’m hers. She’s mine.

Daddy’s been 24/7 D/s with her wife (whom I gave the tongue in cheek nickname of “the boss”) for over a decade. The boss is more the slave-type sub and I’m the little sub with occasional (!) brat tendencies.

I’ll share punishments, funishments, rewards, rules, and anything else kink-related that sparks my interest.

I hope to post back and forth convos of different scenarios viewed through the eyes of the sub (hello!) and the Domme (hi, daddy!)

I’m going to share our kink gone wrong stories. Anyone ever made the mistake of inserting ice cubes into their pussy? *shudders*

And I’ll share our triumphs. I used to fear daddy’s cane. Now? My fave implement after her belt.

What you WON’T find on this blog:

-“if you do kink this way? You’re WRONG!” posts. My motto? (And daddy’s too.) You do you. Keep it consensual and I’m not gonna judge what works for you and your partner. Your relationship is just that–yours.

-p0rn (though I’ll likely ask daddy’s permission to post some of our kinky pics.)

-anti-LGBT rhetoric

-anti-polyamorous posts

That’s it for tonight. Thanks so much for checking us out and look for more content very soon! We’re excited to be here! ☺️

Xx, lg